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The constitutional Republic given us by our Founding Fathers is in great peril today at the hands of an out-of-control federal government; and our states are now the final guardians of our liberty. It is the privilege and duty of the governor to interpose himself between his people and the enemies of their liberty, even when that threat comes from a federal leviathan. As governor, I will take that stand for the people of Georgia and will invoke the doctrine of interposition on their behalf.

There are numerous checks and balances established within our constitution to prevent the usurpation of power by a single branch of the federal government or by the federal government, itself, over the states who created it. In our federated republic, the states created the federal government and, as such, are its masters; it, on the other hand, is servant to the states and to the people that they represent. The Tenth Article of the Bill of Rights, also known as the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, affirms this right of the states to prevent federal usurpations; and it is high time that the several states began to invoke this right against federal encroachments.

Federal legislation, court rulings, and executive orders do not have supremacy when governing areas not expressly delegated to the federal government in the Constitution. Today, the vast majority of such policies are invalid; yet our duly-elected state officials have remained all but silent, having abdicated their responsibility in protecting our liberties.

In the next several years, we will be facing some of the most draconian federal mandates ever seen on the American continent -- measures which will forever change our republic into the same kind of totalitarian regime that we have opposed in every corner of the globe. We cannot afford the luxury of electing "establishment" politicians who will oppose these measures, at best, in a "business-as-usual" manner. Our day requires a governor who will dare to defy the federal bureaucrats and say plainly, "Get the hell out of our business; and leave my people alone." No other candidate for governor will take this stand... I will.

Ray McBerry
On Taxes

I support the abolition of both income and property taxes and the replacement of them with a state sales tax.

Ray McBerry

I consider myself a constitutionalist, and strongly support a return to the original principles of our Founding Fathers...

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Ray was the clear winner in the gubernatorial debate in west Georgia hosted by the LaGrange Patriots!


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