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FEMA or Freedom - Ray Speaks Out On Atlanta Floods

24 September 2009

With a theme ringing of individual life and liberty in a smokey haze of advancing federal tyranny, Ray McBerry is a breath of fresh air and a torch of bright hope for the future of Georgia. It is time for a new way which strikes at the very heart of evil while other methods hack away sporadically at the branches.

Ray's bold assertions and aggressive well founded strategies for leading the way toward true individual life and liberty are beginning to break forth on a political horizon that was anything but promising.

As other "leaders" promote federal aid and federal petitions, Ray's methodologies focus on self-government through educating and empowering the citizens of our state. An informed angry populace is a powerful force which fans the flames of freedom and strikes fear within legislators who have for too long gotten away with quietly encroaching on each individual citizen, selling out God given rights to lobbyists, corporate welfare, and federal interests.

With the recent flooding in Atlanta, Gov. Purdue and John Oxendine ran straight to the federal government by asking that FEMA intervene in the cleanup. Ray McBerry takes another position. Believing that Georgia is quite capable of launching an internal system for cleanup and restoration after the damaging rains, he asserts that Georgians are the answer to Georgia's problem.

"What we have is an out of control federal government, holding our money over our heads by stealing it from the fruit of our labors and forcing us to meet their demands in order to get some of our money back," Mr. McBerry recently said at a States' Rights Tour event. "If any one else did that, we would call it theft.We need to keep those taxes here at home and care for our own people the way our Founding Fathers intended."

How can we as a state be asserting our individual life and liberty on the basis of States' Rights and the 10th Amendment, while our Insurance Commissioner and Governor beg the Federal Government to step in and take care of us. The glaring truth is that the current Georgia leadership is grossly out of step with the growing number of Georgia citizens who are angry and fed up with the double speak and inconsistency, and want to return to strong local government, low taxation, limited government, which emphasizes individual life and liberty.






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Ray McBerry
On Taxes

I support the abolition of both income and property taxes and the replacement of them with a state sales tax.

Ray McBerry

I consider myself a constitutionalist, and strongly support a return to the original principles of our Founding Fathers...

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