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Law Enforcement: "The brave men and women, and their families, who serve the people of Georgia in law enforcement sacrifice much for our public and private good; we owe it to them to provide them an environment in which they can win! " (more)


Privacy and Liberty: "Privacy is one of the basic liberties that has always been a hallmark of the American way of life, even to the point that we have led the world in the introduction of the secret ballot in elections; but our privacy is under its greatest attack ever... and from within. Federal intrusions, both present and planned, are a greater threat to our liberty and privacy than any threat of foreign invasion or terrorist attack has ever been. As governor, I will work with our General Assembly, state court system, and fellow governors to reign in this invasion of privacy and liberty by the federal government and will seek to ensure that Georgia is a refuge for privacy and liberty to all of her citizens. " (more)


Eminent Domain: "I support a state constitutional amendment which contains very strict language limiting the scope of the use of eminent domain to only the most traditional uses, such as infrastructure construction but not practices of social activism nor land redistribution. The recent state constitutional amendment that was put to the voters of Georgia through referendum intentionally left a loophole which allows the General Assembly to re-define the term 'public use,' which is the same problem that created this issue in the first place. It is merely one more example of the neo-cons in power pretending to address very real problems, while actually doing nothing to eliminate it altogether." (more)


Secure Elections: Given the myriad of reports of inaccurate electronic voting machines, the lack of credibility among DieBold and other manufacturers of electronic voting machines, the apparent unexplained anomalies related to votes cast for recent presidential candidate Ron Paul of our own Party, and sheer common sense, there seems no good reason that the state of Georgia should have ever settled for electronic voting machines which do not provide a verifiable paper trail and cannot be audited after the fact. As governor, I will work with the Secretary of State to ensure that proper selection and funding are available to eliminate this egregious attack upon the integrity of our elections.


Citizen Initiatives: I support the right of the People of Georgia to protect their 'valuable way of life' through the process of voter initiatives which guarantees the People a remedy against the very real threat of betrayal of their values by elected and appointed officials serving special interests."



Healthcare: "I believe that America has created the most effective healthcare system in the world, in large part, because it has historically been a function of the private sector and the free market system..." (more)




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Ray McBerry
On Taxes

I support the abolition of both income and property taxes and the replacement of them with a state sales tax.

Ray McBerry

I consider myself a constitutionalist, and strongly support a return to the original principles of our Founding Fathers...

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Ray was the clear winner in the gubernatorial debate in west Georgia hosted by the LaGrange Patriots!


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