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One of the most pressing issues for many Georgians now is the creation and protection of jobs in our state. As a true conservative, I believe that the key to job creation in our state is not more government involvement in our lives and in our businesses but, rather, getting government out of the way for our citizens to prosper. I believe strongly that Georgians are some of the most industrious and ingenious people that have ever inhabited the shores of America; and, in spite of the huge hole that has been dug for us all by Washington, Georgia can become the most prosperous place in America if we get government out of the way and foster the entrepreneurial spirit for which we are world-renown.

There are three things that I will promote from day one as Governor to encourage job creation. Implementation of these three things will make Georgia the envy of America for families and businesses and will result in the creation of more jobs than any other place in America.

One... abolishing both the income tax AND property tax in Georgia and replacing them with a simple state sales tax. Such a change in our tax system would make Georgia a magnet for business and industry wishing to remain in America, instead of relocating to Mexico and other foreign markets. It would also free investment capital here in Georgia and stimulate the creation of small businesses, as well as large, in communities across our state.

Two... renewed emphasis upon vocational training. By changing the current trend of education in Georgia of attempting to funnel all students toward four-year liberal arts majors, we will encourage those students with an aptitude or desire for a vocation and help them to become skilled, trained workers. In so doing, we will make them productive citizens, able to provide for themselves and their families; and it will make Georgia one of the very few places still remaining in America with a ready workforce, thereby encouraging industry to return to our state.

Three... a firm stand for state sovereignty concerning Intrastate Commerce. Unlike "interstate" commerce which is a constitutional responsibility of the federal government, "intrastate" commerce is NOT within the jurisdiction of Washington according to the Constitution. Intrastate commerce is any business conducted which does not cross state lines. I personally helped to write the "State Authority and Intrastate Commerce Act" which is currently under consideration in the General Assembly. This piece of legislation is being used as a model now to craft similar legislation in at least half a dozen other states. The bill states that any item grown, manufactured, excavated, or produced within the state of Georgia is not subject to federal regulations or taxes until it crosses the state line and leaves Georgia. It is similar to the Montana and Tennessee firearms protection legislation but improves upon both of them by including other goods and also placing real penalties upon federal agents who attempt to violate the law by harassing Georgia citizens.

I cannot overemphasize the potential boon that this agenda would bring to business and job creation in our state. The immediate result would be greater profitability for all businesses in Georgia, and the long-term result would be job creation on a scale never before seen in America.

Ray McBerry
On Taxes

I support the abolition of both income and property taxes and the replacement of them with a state sales tax.

Ray McBerry

I consider myself a constitutionalist, and strongly support a return to the original principles of our Founding Fathers...

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