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The brave men and women, and their families, who serve the people of Georgia in law enforcement sacrifice much for our public and private good; we owe it to them to provide them an environment in which they can win!

As the son of a veteran law enforcement officer, I understand the hardships faced daily by our officers and their families. When I am elected Governor of Georgia, I will immediately set about to remedy these problems.

Local and state law enforcement in Georgia are under attack in an attempt to undermine their effectiveness and autonomy.

Among the problems plaguing these defenders of our liberty at home are:

Under-funding of our Georgia State Patrol, Department of Corrections, and Georgia Bureau of Investigation. This under-funding results in a greater problem of under-manpower needed to fulfill the appointed tasks of each of these state law enforcement agencies, which further leads to a decline in morale of the remaining officers and a much lower retention rate of highly-trained officers (which equals more wasted tax dollars), in addition to the problem of having to obtain "federal" assistance for state law enforcement issues.

Attempt to "federalize" all local and state law enforcement. With the advent of FEMA and Homeland Security at the federal level, there has been an increased effort to have our local and state law enforcement subjugated to the control and dictates of these outside entities, sometimes at the extortionary threat of having our own tax dollars with-held from our counties and state agencies if they do not accept a subservient role to federal agencies and mandates.

Federal intrusion into the Constitutional jurisdictions of local and state law enforcement. At a time when our people, as well as our Republic in general, is in danger of direct attacks upon our liberties from the federal government, it is a primary role of local sheriffs to safeguard their citizens from such encroachments. The past twenty years has demonstrated numerous examples of federal police agencies encroaching upon or bypassing the highest Constitutional officer in each county (the sheriff), with many of those occasions ending in disaster and, sometimes, loss of life.

Lack of waivers for law enforcement officers serving overseas in the National Guard. The creation of the "National Guard" was for the purpose of eliminating the historic "State Guard," which was always under the direct control of state governments - something resisted by the federal government because of the tendency of many states to not accept unconstitutional federal mandates. The supposed purpose of the National Guard, however, is for the domestic protection of Georgia; the role of the National Guard in overseas military action is a fairly recent invention of the end of the twentieth century, when our military forces began to be stretched thin by "police" actions around the globe. Today, many of our local and state law enforcement officers who serve in Georgia's National Guard units are being deployed overseas, leaving even more unfilled vacancies in our legitimate law enforcement agencies than before. While it is one matter for these willing officers to serve in the Guard for domestic purposes of law enforcement within Georgia, it is quite another matter to allow the federal government to demand that they be sent overseas as "backup" to the standing military.

Federal programs which entice local and state law enforcement officers to travel overseas as part of "private" law enforcement teams. Private contractors who provide "police" teams to overseas governments and corporations have, for whatever reason, been allowed to entice much-needed local and state law enforcement officers away to distant lands with the lure of "non-taxable" income. This has, along with the other issues mentioned above, accounted for even greater losses within the ranks of our important local and state law enforcement agencies.

Failure to enforce sentences for convicted criminals. This practice alone has demoralized our local and state law enforcement and presented them with an ever-growing criminal element with which to deal on a daily basis.

The staggering illegal alien population has flooded Georgia with foreign-born criminals who have been allowed to steal into our state amidst their fellow travelers. Illegal aliens now comprise an alarming and increasing percentage of gangs and criminals at large AND are being housed in over-crowded, under-manned detention facilities across Georgia. Even our dedicated and hard-working law enforcement officers can not keep pace with this growing problem, which threatens to break the already-strained system in place.

In conclusion, our local and state law enforcement officers are under very blatant attacks upon their efficiency to perform their duties and upon their autonomy as the Constitutional defenders of personal liberty for Georgians.

It would seem that there are those who, using the old Hegelian Dialectic, have set our officers up for failure. Whether it is due to a lack of concern for our officers or due to a desire to create the "need" for a growing federalized police state, those elected officials who are not actively pursuing immediate remedies to the above-stated problems encountered by our brave officers EVERY DAY should be voted out of office and sent packing. And those candidates who do not join me in taking this stand should not be considered worthy of your support in the upcoming elections in 2010.

Ray McBerry
On Taxes

I support the abolition of both income and property taxes and the replacement of them with a state sales tax.

Ray McBerry

I consider myself a constitutionalist, and strongly support a return to the original principles of our Founding Fathers...

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