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Our Candidate Is Vindicated!

Over the past two months, Ray has come under personal attack by lies and false allegations. We knew that it was because of the growing success of our Campaign across the state and the fact that Ray continues to win every debate. What we did not have were answers to some of the questions about those making the allegations; we knew that at least some of it was politically motivated. Now we know the rest.

Launch The Signed Affidavit from Roger Burgess

  1. The story of those making the allegations has continued to change, even to the media covering the story.
  2. The affidavit attached here is from only one of the witnesses that have come forward at this time.
  3. The affidavit attached shows malice in that there was a premeditated attempt to do damage to Ray's campaign for Governor.
  4. The affidavit attached shows that one of the motives behind these lies and allegations was money.
  5. The affidavit shows the character of those making the allegations to be of the most lewd and base sort and should raise doubt about credibility in the mind of anyone, even without the other information included.
  6. There is and will continue to be an ongoing investigation into all personal assets, as well as any income or gifts which may have been derived from these false allegations.
  7. There are more details which will become available at a later point.

When asked for comment about these new revelations in the affidavit, Ray responded, "It was my belief that, at some point, God would bring something to light that would explain the changes in this story since eight years ago, as well as explain the motive for these changes; I am just glad that it happened as soon as it did. Our Campaign in the Governor's race is going very well, and I am grateful for our many supporters across the state who have continued to work hard in spite of these personal attacks. We knew these kind of attacks would come because of my strong conservative stand."

Libel Suits

Furthermore, three individuals were notified by certified letter this week that they are now subjects of libel suits. A team of attorneys from across the state have all examined the evidence and are in agreement that, even with the greater burden of proof necessary to prove libel against a public figure, this is an open and shut case. The three individuals have each been given specific directives that they are to follow; their immediate obedience and subsequent actions will be taken into consideration by Ray as to how he wishes to proceed in each case following his election.

At least one more individual will be the subject of a libel case following the election, as well, with two others currently being considered.

A Time for Action

Our detractors believed that they could derail our Campaign with their lies and personal attacks. At least one of our opponents has joined in with them, much to her own detriment across the state.

Ray has continued his tireless schedule, even winning two more debates in LaGrange and Statesboro since these attacks began. And our team of tireless volunteers has stepped it up a notch all across the state. McBerry for Governor signs continue to pop up everywhere in huge numbers, many of our volunteers have begun door-to-door canvassing in their areas, and contributions have begun coming in for radio and television commercials to broadcast during the final month leading up to the primary.

The personal attacks may or may not continue, but one thing is sure... our Campaign WILL continue. Some of our detractors, including disaffected former volunteers, have vowed that they will not allow Ray to win this race even if they must continue to make up allegations. Our opponents are afraid! They see how quickly our message of "States' Rights" is spreading and how well Ray is received every time that he speaks! The people of Georgia deserve to have a Constitutional Conservative for whom to vote -- someone that the liberal media, the downtown Atlanta establishment, and the moderates in the GOP can NOT control. That candidate is Ray McBerry!

Please help our effort today to elect the only States' Rights governor in America. Go to the contributions page at www.GeorgiaFirst.org and make the most generous contribution that you can to the Cause of Liberty! Time is running out... NOW is the day to make a contribution!

Feel free to forward this message to your fellow Georgians.

Ray McBerry
On Taxes

I support the abolition of both income and property taxes and the replacement of them with a state sales tax.

Ray McBerry

I consider myself a constitutionalist, and strongly support a return to the original principles of our Founding Fathers...

Big Victory For

Ray was the clear winner in the gubernatorial debate in west Georgia hosted by the LaGrange Patriots!


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